The origin of the piece is a 24 hour recording I did in 2016. The recorded Einsiedlerpark is located in 1050 Vienna.

A 24 hour recording enfolds the loop of one day. The demographic or technical conditions, the history or the context of the sounds of a certain locality reveal the cultural tale. The following work is the result of translating an eight minute extract of the recording to text, sound drawings and sound objects. By translation i imply a creative process of transformation, transcription and visualisation. Translation will never be objective, it will always add or remove.

Spatialisation: One or two speakers in the middle of the room pointing to the ceiling. 8 or more speakers as far on the outside of the room as possible.

    2017/12/03Einsiedlerpark Echoraum, Vienna
    2016/09/30SOUNDS AROUND ME Academy of fine Arts Vienna