Wiener Arp Ensemble

The Wiener ARP Ensemble is an international sound-art performing collective based in Vienna. Each member plays an ARP 2600 (TTSH) analog synthesizer. The number of players may vary.

Salih Dursun, Evgeny Ignashev, Sinan Ilhan, Wolfgang Musil, Frederic Stritter

2019 - Shut up and listen festival

Four ARP 2600 TTSH Synthesizers.
Evgeny Ignashev, Sinan Ilhan, Wolfgang Musil, Frederic Stritter.

2018 - Steinergasse 8, Vienna

Three ARP 2600 TTSH synthesizers.
Two amplified metal plates and a 20-meter long amplified piano string.
The performance was played over a 13-channel sound system as a part of an ELAK concert.

Evgeny Ignashev, Wolfgang Musil, Frederic Stritter.

    2020/08/15W~ARP Wiener Arp Ensemble VELAK #115, Symposion Lindabrunn [A]
    2019/12/04W~ARP Wiener Arp Ensemble SUAL 2019 - SHUT UP AND LISTEN! Festival, Echoraum, Vienna
    2018/12/04W~ARP Wiener Arp Ensemble Steinergasse 8, Vienna